For Orgs & Business

Become a player in the digital Renaissance!
Explore how to find a role, define your philosophy, play out your mission for your dynamic tribe. Communication has gone from from one-way ads to fireside storytelling. Be the match that starts up the story.

This fun and visual talk is suited for Keynotes and company teams. Explore the power of enchanting storytelling in the making. Experience your own story and how it will generate awareness, contagious word-of-mouth, loyalty and even evangelism. Your own journey to identity and purpose takes only 60 minutes!

For Education & Media

The Lingo of Storytelling
Why don't we learn Story fluency in school? This talk presents the elements of the LINGO of crafting story.

Can we change the paradigm? Can we drag knowledge and emotion out from below the surface of plain language and words? Story literacy is our beginning, but our weapon, our microscope, our compass, our map. That's fluency, and it is shown in new characters and hyroglyphics. Understanding story protects against ignorance, apathy and other addictions. This talk is also available in video trailer preview, for audience suitability (Incldudes mild swearing and graphic images).

For Youth Cinema

Make a story that matters
Youth Cinema promotes non-profit filmmaking, positive energy and collective imagination.
Kids generate desire for clean change, sustainability and peace with their natural ambition to transform, evolve and grow up. Put a story in play and youth cinema will do its magic on it. Make a story that matters, let it grow!



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